Russia and Belarus strike a deal to build a nuclear power plant.

In an agreement reached by Russia and Belarus, two nuclear power plants are to be built by 2018 in Ostroviets, in Hrodna region by a Russian company “Atmostrojeksport” and a Belarusian company “Board of building nuclear power plant”, reported RIA Novosti news agency. The plants will have joint power of 2400 MW and will be equipped with two Russian reactors B-491.

The agreement is only a framework for further negotiations, representatives of “Atmostrojeksport” told RIA Novosti. Talks on Russian loan for Belarusian government to finance the investment still continue. Previously, Belarusian authorities had announced that they expected 7 billion dollar loan. Belarusian Minister of Energy, Mikhail Mikhalchuk informed on October 3rd that the credit deal is almost reached. “After we conclude procedures in Russia and Belarus, we are convinced that [the loan] will be signed” – he added.

The first Belarusian nuclear power plant will be built in Ostroviets, in Hrodna department, just 50 kilometers from Vilnius and 250 kilometers from the Polish border. The construction has begun more than a year ago. According to independent Belarusian experts, the nuclear power plant will become a tool for Russia to maintain energetic dominance over Belarus, since the plant will be managed by Russian specialists and the nuclear fuel will be imported from Russia.


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