Belarusians gather to discuss major national problems

Belarusian Prosecutor General issued a warning directed at organizers of a National Assembly initiative – a plan to hold peoples‘ gatherings all over Belarus to discuss the most important national problems.

Two coordinators of the events – Viktar Ivashkievich and Hienadz Fjandych spent two hours in the prosecution office, testifying on legality of the initiative. National Assembly will be held in Minsk and 24 other locations on 8th of October. It is organized by a section of Belarusian opposition.

„We explained that the laws on mass events and local gatherings are not detailed enough. We suggested that Prosecutor General asks House of Representatives for clarification.“ – said Ivashkievich.

The politicians asked prosecutor if they are planning to arrest organizers. „We were told they do not plan on arresting, rather they are interested in a dialogue.“ – added Ivashkievich. The organizers think that the warning issued by the prosecution is not an outright ban and is not a threat to the event, because no laws will be violated.

In Minsk, the assembly will be held at a Bangalore square, far from the city center. The event has not been registered with the authorities, because – according to organizers – such type of event does not require registration.

Ivashkievich also informed Belsat that there were few cases of repressions in different provinces. „In general, there is no mass-scale repressions. It was a right move to invoke the law on public assemblies, because the authorities have no legal argument against us.“ – stressed Ivashkievich. Belarusian law allows for citizens to gather to discuss some issue without a need to register it with authorities.


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