Khalip’s Dramatic Appeal to Save her Husband

Iryna Khalip, Belarusian journalist and the wife of Adrei Sannikov, an imprisoned former presidential candidate, issued a dramatic appeal to wives of Russian president Mediviediev and prime minister Putin. She wrote that life of her husband is threatened.

„The situation is critical. Belarusian secret services are doing their best to make me a widow and my son – an orphan.”- wrote Khalip in an open letter to Svietlana Miedviedieva and Ludmila Putin. The letter was published yesterday by a Russian opposition newspaper “Novaya Gazieta”.

“I’m asking you to convince your husbands, to do everything in their power to prevent physical destruction of my husband, and to force president Lukashenka to release him together with other political prisoners.” – she wrote.

Iryna Khalip sent similar letters to Polish, French and American first ladies, and also to a British prime minister, informed a newspaper for which Khalip reports from Belarus.

Belarusian independent media reported that Sannikov, sentenced for participating in a post-election demonstration, was transferred from a prison camp in Novolplotsk to Bobruysk, on September 21st. But Sannikov had not arrived to Bobruysk and for next few days, Ms. Khalip was unable to establish his whereabouts. Finally, Sannikov’s lawyer found out that the dissident is held in Mokhylevo, where he visited him.


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