Head of Belarusian National Bank denied US visa?

The head of Belarusian National Bank and at the same time Belarusian representative to MFW Nadzeia Yermakova will not participate in annual general meeting of IMF and the World Bank to be held from 22-25 of September 2011.

Yermakova was to depart to Washington already on 21 of September, yet her office at National bank informed that “She couldn’t make it” with no additional details.

Information, that Yermakova eventually stayed home was conformed also by the IMF office in Minsk. “Ms Yermakova cancelled her trip”- informed one of the organization representatives refusing any further comments.

Belarusian delegation will consist of the minister of finance Anderei Kharkaviets and minister of economy Mikalai Snopkov.

Some of Belarusian media suggests, that the National Bank director was refused the US visa, but the spokesperson of the Belarusian IMF Andrei Savinnykh explains it rather by the delay in receiving visa.

Belarusian envoys will take part not only in general IMF meeting, but also they will conduct serious talks about the IMF credit line for Belarus. “They are to inform about the Belarusian government undertakings for the economic stabilization in the country” – informed on 21 September Belarusian deputy prime minister Siarhei Rumas. According to him – IMF will appreciate the opening of additional session on currency market – that should stabilize situation.

Rumas was unable to answer the question about the volume of the credit. “The most important for us is the program. It will be subject of long and serious talks. The volume of the credit is estimated in different ways – from 3 – to 7 billion of dollars” – he added.

International Monetary Found plans to send another mission to Belarus on 5 of October in order to analyse latest developments in the Belarusian economy, and “to give additional advice” – said the head of the mission to Belarus Mr. Chris Jarvis.



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