Lithuanian president accuses Belarusian opposition of being greedy (and pro-Russian)

Ms Dalia Grybauskaite criticized the Belarusian opposition for adopting a pro-Russian stance in exchange for financial support. In the post-soviet part of Europe, influence of the great eastern neighbor is still much perceived as a most serious geopolitical threat.

– If you look closer, some of the nine former presidential candidates are financed and supported by Kremlin – said the Lithuanian president in an interview for a national radio station. And Kremlin support is enough to tarnish someone’s reputation in this part of Europe.

According to Ms Grybauskaite, part of the opposition hardly ever mentions independence, but rather they “just want to obtain more money”. – When you hear them [Belarusian dissidents] speak, some of the opposition members do not make it clear that their priority is to gain independence. You rarely hear that. What I hear most often is that they need more money and that Russia is a friend. Which I find worrisome, because in Lithuanian national interest lies having an independent and sovereign neighbor. – said Grybauskaite.

The Russian support became also an accusation against Belarusian opposition used by the president Lukashenka. Just before the presidential elections in December 2010, in an interview with French daily Le Figaro, Lukashenka charged Uladzimir Niaklayev and Andrei Sannikov with taking money from Moscow.


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