Poland invites Belarusian deputy-minister for Eastern Partnership summit

Belarusian deputy Minister of Economy Anton Kudasov was invited for the business forum of the Eastern Partnership. The meeting will be held on September 30th together with the Eastern Partnership summit of countries of, informed the Belarusian agency AFN.

The forum is organized by the Polish Confederation of Employers Leviatan, Confederation of European Business (Business Europe) and the Polish Foreign Ministry. The goal of the meeting is to draft recommendations from the business areas in order to develop a partnership in the sphere of the economy.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, European Council President Herman von Rompuy and EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Fuelle are to take part in the forum.

During a meeting with the Polish Prime Minister Tusk and Minister Sikorski, representatives of the Belarusian opposition presented a joint position on negotiations with the Belarusian authorities. It was stressed that such talks would be possible only after the amnesty and rehabilitation of all political prisoners in this country.

Bureau of the spokesperson for the Polish Foreign Ministry announced in a letter that “[…] Poland is not interested in the complete exclusion of Belarus from the Eastern Partnership initiative, because such a decision would be harmful to the Belarusian society. Inviting a lower-rank official to participate in the forum may serve to increase investments in Belarus, whose main beneficiary during a deep economic crisis in Belarus will be the Belarusian society.”

Foreign Ministry also stressed that “the Polish contacts with the Republic of Belarus at the highest levels, especially with A. Lukashenka and President of Administration, will be possible only after the amnesty and rehabilitation of all people persecuted in connection with the events of December 19th, 2010.”



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