Niaklayev punished for his visit to Poland?

Uladzimir Niaklayev, a former presidential candidate was banned by a Belarusian court from leaving the country. The politician thinks it might have something to do with his recent trip to Poland, during which he met with the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Foreign Affairs Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

Niaklayev is serving suspended sentence of two years’ imprisonment for violation of public order during an opposition demonstration on December 19th last year

Now the court decided to reinforce the present conditions of parole. Niaklayev can not participate or organize any mass events, go outside of Minsk without special consent from the police and leave Belarus until the end of sentence. In addition, the dissident must register each week to the police and the obligatory stay at home every day from 8 pm till 6 am. The court did not accede to the police request to prohibit Niaklayev from being in places where alcohol is served.

Niaklayev, who is also a well-known Belarusian poet and head of the civic action “Tell the truth!”, called the court decision “a direct prohibition to exercise the profession” and said he will not comply with the provisions of the court, which he considered unfair.

The dissident intends to participate in all activities, which he considers a valuable contribution. Nyaklyaeu also stated that his last trips to Lithuania and the Poland were “risks” which, however, were worth taking for the benefit of Belarus.

“They already have limited me in everything they could, but it is just not enough. I do not know how they will be limiting me now, unless they want to tie me so that I can not meet with people “- he added, announcing that he will not be prevented from the meetings with his supporters.

The politician did not participate in the court hearing. He only met with reporters outside the building, where commented on the decisions.


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