More than 800 people vouched for Bialatski

Human rights activists collected 816 personal guarantees for Ales Bialatski and handed them over to the Financial Investigations Department of the State Control Committee in Minsk, informed Uladzimir Labkovich. Additionally, more than a hundred Belarusians vouched for Bialatski individually. They are asking that a court discharges Bialatski from temporary detention pending his trial.

Labkovich added that among those who vouched for Bialatski, there were many famous people: „Czech dissidents, editors-in-chief of independent Belarusian media, leaders of major social movements and groups, such as Association of Belarusian Journalists, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, „For Liberty“ movement, political parties representatives, activists. We can probably say that all famous people in Belarus gave their personal guarantees for Bialatski.“ – said Labkovich.

Stephene Hessel, Honorable President of the Committee of members of the International Federation for Human Rights , who took part in drafting the Universal Human Rights Declaration in 1948, also gave his personal guarantee for Bialatski.

Ales Bialatski was arrested on August 4th for alleged large-scale tax evasion. The charges were based on documents delivered to regime in Minsk by Lithuanian Ministry of Justice and Polish Prosecutor General office. If found guilty, Bialatski is facing up to seven years in prison and property loss.


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