Belarusian regime pledges to release all political prisoners

Lukashenka has promised to release all the political prisoners by mid-October, according to a document obtained by Reuters News Agency. The pledge was spelled out in a letter produced by Nikolai Mladenov – the Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Minister, who met with president Lukashenka last week in Minsk.

In a letter addressed to the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and EU member states‘ foreign ministers, Mr. Mladenov listed offers made by Lukashenka, which included releasing four political prisoners by the end of the week and dismissing charges in two criminal cases against dissidents. The Belarusian president also promised to discharge from prison all the political prisoner by mid-October.

Lukashenka also repeated his offer to hold round table talks with the opposition representatives, the EU and Russia.

The EU is not planning to hold any negotiations with Lukashenka until all political prisoners are released, according to Reuters EU diplomatic source. – “Belarus is trying to play the same game as always but this time it won’t work. Minsk tried to get in via traditional channels in Italy and Lithuania but was rebuffed and then Bulgaria agreed to step in.”- the source added.

Lukashenka’s spokesperson has not commented on the news.


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