Ukrainian NGO protests a threat of extraditing Belarusian dissident from Poland

Ukrainian organization „Collaboration without borders“ submitted a letter to a Polish consulate in Luck, where they demanded halt to repressions against Belarusian dissident, Andrei Zukaviets, who fled in 1999 to Poland. A similar letter will be sent to the Polish Prosecutor General, Andrzej Seremet. „Collaboration without borders“ is an organization who among other projects, supports Belarusian democratic opposition.

The authors stressed in their letter that it has been ten years now that courts and prosecutors in Bialystok, Poland, have been trying to extradite Zukaviets, despite the fact that alleged charge of tampering with documents has been already cleared. But the case is still open.

„Collaboration without borders“ also announced that should the repressions against Zukaviets continue, the NGO will inform Ukrainian public opinion about Polish courts persecuting Belarusian dissident.

Andrei Zukaviets came to Poland in 1999. Belarusian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for him through the Interpol and demand his extradition on fraud charges. The businessman claims that accusations are a revenge for his material support for „Young Front“ – a Belarusian youth opposition group.


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