Political prisoner gets married in a prison camp

Paval Vinahrad, sentenced to four years in a prison camp for organizing and participating in post-election demonstration in December 2010, is going to get married today. The bride, Svietlana Harahova has been his partner for the last three years.

The couple will have their wedding ceremony in Volchiya Nora (Wolves‘ borrow) prison camp, next to the city of Brest. Vinahrad was an activist of „Say Truth“ social campaign. He was arrested after the December 19th demonstration against election fraud, convicted of rioting and disrespecting state symbols and sentenced to four years in a high-security prison camp.

In an interview with Radio Svaboda, Svietlana Harahova said that after Paval was arrested, they had very few occasions to meet. Therefore, Vinahrad proposed through a letter.

After the wedding, the couple has a right to spend three days together in a prison camp. They will stay in a small room. This will be their first such meeting in seven months. So far, their only chance to see each other was either during the court hearings or prison visitations through a glass window.

Parents and witnesses will be allowed to take part in a wedding ceremony. This ceremony is the first one is a series of planned marriages in prison camps. There are two more couples to be married soon: Zmitser Dashkievich and Nasta Palaznka, and Zmitse Bulana and Nadzieya Makarevich.



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