Prosecutor general: police has to wear uniforms at demonstrations

Ryhor Vasilevich, the Prosecutor General informed during today’s press conference that police will have to wear uniforms during the silent protests. He also stressed that journalists‘ rights should be respected.

– I believe that the law enformcement agents should be in uniforms. Only some exceptions are permitted due to a variety of tasks. – said Vasilevich. He stressed that a citizen should know in such circumstances who is he dealing with. – We will organize it in such way, as not to break any laws. – Vasilevich was quoted by the Interfax Zapad new agency. Up until now, participants of silent demos were detained by the plain-cloathed men, commonly described as „hooligan-looking“, who wouldn’t react if asked to present their documents.

The prosecutor general also informed that they will monitor police work during the silent protests. Vasilevich sent an official letter to Anatol Kuliashov, the Minister of Interior, complaining about the mistreatment of journalists during demonstrations. Since the Revolution through Social Networks started on July 8th, 88 journalists have been detained.

During the press conference, Vasilevich also informed that a date of the first court hearing in Minsk metro bomb attack case will be known within a moth. He also listed names of the suspects: Kanavalav and Kavaliov.

The Minsk metro bomb explosion on April 11, 2011 left 15 people dead and more than 200 injured. The two suspects are Belarusian citizens.


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