Valery Karbalevich: agreement between the EU and Russia is unfavorable for Belarus

Mr. Karbalevich, a Belarusian political commentator, is not enthusiastic about the possible joint strategy of the EU and Russia towards Belarus.

During a meeting in Hannover between German chancellor Merkel and Russian president Miedviediev, Belarusian issue was addressed, informed Polish Press Agency (PAP). The information was dismissed by the German government press bureau.

Karbalevich is concerned about the outcome of such talks. – Any kind of agreement between the West and Russia, does not mean anything good for us. The EU, the USA and Russia have different goals and objectives. It is very unlikely that they will manage to reach an agreement which would also benefit our country. What is more, Russia is very sensitive when it comes to Western interference in the East. I don’t’ see any chances for the agreement to succeed. – said Karbalevich.

He believes that the West prioritizes democratization and respecting human rights. – For Russia, it is the geopolitical control, military and strategic aspects and control of Russian capital in Belarusian economy, that matters – he added.

Belarus is also in dire need of Western financial support. Karbalevich thinks that it is quite possible that Lukashenka will finally yield to the EU’s demands. He does not exclude the possibility that an unofficial dialogue between Minsk and Brussels is still held. – More than 40% of Belarusian export goes to Europe. This is a major source of the foreign currencies. Europe has an upper hand when dealing with Belarus, but it seems they still do not know how to use it – said Karbalevich.


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