After criticism, Revolution through Social Networks returns to old strategies

Coordinators of the “Revolution through social networks” campaign received a lot of criticism after changing the silent protest tactic. Last week they suggested protesters set alarm clocks for 8pm, instead of clapping.

The new strategy was proposed by the organizers in response to mass scale arrests during the Wednesday night protests. Participants expressed their discontent with new methods on the Revolution’s page on network. In response to criticism, organizers decided to return to old strategies and called on people to gather at 7 pm at main city squares, clapping in defiance of Belarusian regime.

Minsk drivers were asked to join the action too, by driving around the square as slowly as possible and blocking access for the police vans.

Every Wednesday there are silent protests held in Belarus. They are part of „Revolution through social networks” initiative. Participants do not chant nor bring any of banned national symbols. Rather, they manifest their discontent just by their presence. Since the action started on June 8th, more than 1830 people have been arrested.


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