Arrested protesters go on a hunger strike

More and more people held in detention for participating in silent protests, join a hunger strike, informed Belarusian human rights activists.

In Hrodna temporary detention center a group of people refused to eat. Human rights defenders were informed about it after security personel stopped admitting packages for the deteinees. Among those held in Hrodna arrest, there are: a poet and writer Juryi Humianok, sentenced to 12 days, social justice activist – Zmitser Bandarchuk, and a few journalists, including Belsat’s correspondent Ales Dzianiasav.

Juryi Saldok, sentenced to 13 days of prison has been on a hunger strike since a week. He was arrested on July 3rd, during a protest by the Minsk train station.

A silent protest organized by the “Revolution through social networks” was held for the first time on June 8thand has been repeated every Wednesday. Participants meet in central locations of various cities in Belarus, they do not chant and do not bringing any ban symbols – only clap and stamp their feet. nSince the first silent protest until today, 1730 people were arrested, including 77 journalists.


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