Aleksander Klaskouski: Poland is interested in resuming a dialogue with Minsk

Belarusian political scientist, Klaskouski thinks that Polish government is interested in resuming a dialogue with Minsk. In his opinion, restarting talks depends of the Belarusian authorities approach.

As of July 1st, Poland will assume leadership in the EU. The priority of Polish presidency is European integration and creating open and safe Europe. In contacts with Belarus, Poland is planning to continue her support for democratization and hopes to reopen the dialogue with government in Minsk. Radoslaw Sikorski, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Štefan Füle the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, talked about their vision of the relations with Belarus, during Thursday meeting with the representatives of the Belarusian opposition.

„Poland is still interested in political and economic situation in Belarus. An intention to invite Belarus for the next meeting of the “Eastern Partnership” at the highest possible level expressed by Radoslaw Sikorski, attests to it. – Aleksander Klaskouski said in an interview with Belsat.

In his opinion, a condition of the relations between Brussels and Minsk during Polish presidency depends on the approach of Belarusian authorities. – We can say that the initiative is on Belarusian side. Europe stated clearly its conditions. First of all, they expect that all political prisoners will be released. Without that, no talks would be conducted. And it does not matter which country has EU presidency.

Aleksander Klaskouski thinks that if Belarusian authorities will continue to ignore Brussels’s request and continue repressions, the EU might react in a firm manner. – In order to exert economic pressure on Belrusian regime, more extensive economic sanctions against particular companies might be introduced – he stressed.

So far, the EU has banned three companies owned by a Belarusian businessman Uladzimir Pieftsev, from operating on its territory. Pieftsiev is considered to be a personal accountant of Lukashenka, and is responsible for money deposited in the presidential fund, which de facto plays the role of second Belarusian budget.


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