Lukashenka responds to a video from Minsk metro posted online

Belarusian president commented on a short movie posted in the Internet by three inhabitants of Minsk, who in the middle of the night easily entered metro station. Lukashenka threatened to fire policemen who were supposed to guard the station.

The video was recorded on May 29th, at night. It shows three young people entering the train station through open doors. They descend to the platform. Finally, they leave, without being bothered by the police or any of the metro employees.

„These guys entered metro station and recorded everything on a video camera. And posted it in the Internet. Look how our police works and everyone else, together with Maltsevich [secretary of the Security Council of Belarus]. How do they enforce presidential orders? – Lukashenka was quoted by Bielta news agency.

The terrorist attack on April 11th provoked immediate control of the enforcement of security rules in the metro station. Also, after the attack, police checked passengers‘ documents and content of their bags.

„I was informed there is an investigation into this episode and I should receive a report soon (…). I am not blaming anyone, but if those facts are confirmed, you will lose your jobs“ – Lukashenka told the police responsible for the security. Bielpan news agency informed that the police attempted to meet with the authors of the video.

As a result of the attack on Minsk metro station on April 11th, 2011, 15 people died and more than 200 were injured.


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