$300 for one word he never said: Belsat TV cameraman fined for ‘swearing’

A Minsk court has imposed BYN 575 fine on Belsat TV cameraman Alyaksandr Lyubyanchuk on Thursday.

Minsk offices of Belsat TV were searched on March, 31. Alyaksandr Lyubyanchuk was in one of the offices the police broke into. He was taken to the local police department, where a protocol was drawn upon him over alleged using bad language (disorderly conduct, Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code).

According to police officers Dzyanis Hryb and Uladzislau Padrez who were giving evidence against him in court, Lyubyanchuk used one expletive.

“We put a question to Lyubyanchuk, which irritated him. He said one swear word and then repeated it,” Padrez stated.

The cameraman was in denial about their testimony, but judge Yury Harbatouski believed the policemen.


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