Lukashenka wants to take more opposition members hostage

Belarusian regime is threatening to apply more repressions against the democratic opposition should the EU impose the economic sanctions against major Belarusian export companies, informed Andrei Savinykh, the MFA spokesperson.

– If the situation will follow a negative scenario, we will be ready to apply individual sanctions in response. First of all – against the politicians and structures, which propel anti-Belarusian activities – stated Mr. Savinykh. – We are currently engaged in a process to prevent the European Commission from implementing the European Parliament call. If we succeed, than no individual sanctions will be applied – he added.

Mr. Savinykh thinks that the PE’s stance on the political situation in Belarus is „in contradiction to neighborliness”. According to Savinykh, Belarusian MFA is still “attempting to restore constructive dialogue with the European partners”. He also hoped that “approach of the EP might not be welcomed by the European public opinion”.

Last Thursday, EP adopted a resolution, calling on the EU to impose economic sanctions against the Lukashenka regime. On the very same day, Interfax Zapad – a state-owned news agency, reported that the authorities might prevent 200 leading opposition members from leaving the country and ask some of the EU’s states ambassadors to leave Belarus.

Michał Janczuk (Belsat TV)

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