Lukashenka to introduce Andropov-style discipline

Belarusian companies, state offices and universities are about to undergo a broad control. This is a reaction of Belarusian authorities to the president’s words about restoring discipline.

The presidential Chief of Staff, Uladzimir Makiey informed about signing a decree, instructing a control of “the state of discipline and the results of the ideological work”. The final report after the control is conducted will be submitted directly to president Lukashenka.

– We are sitting in silence, afraid to leave the office. Our boss warned us that we can expect the local authorities’ control any minute – Ludmila, an employee of a Minsk company “Belpramprajekt” told Belsat TV.

A student at the Physical Education Academy, Victoria, informed that students were also officially warned by the university authorities about the discipline control. As a part of it, from the next semester on, each unexcused absence in class will be punished with a fine.

Last week, Alexander Lukashenka stated that the increase in criminal acts resulted from the lack of discipline. – There is a lot of chaos at universities and in companies – said Belarusian president.

The president recalled with nostalgia the time when Andropov was the General Secretary, and the authorities were able „to force everyone to work“.


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