Implication evidence: Ukraine’s National Guard seizes Russia’s armoured vehicle, documents

At night, when a group of terrorists made an attempt to break into the country’s inland from Russia’s side, Ukraine’s National Guard units have seized an armoured vehicle BTR-80, Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Interior, said on Facebook.

Mr Avakov posted photos depicting the armoured vehicle and its documents. ‘Look at the stamp of a Russian military unit. [It will be interesting] for diplomats and all people who have doubts,’ he says.

According to Information Resistance group, at 4.30 am separatists attacked Luhansk Airport seized by anti-terrorist forces by fire. The Ukrainian forces returned the fire, there are no reports of casualties among them. Pro-Russian militants also brought a convoy of 5armoured vehicles and 2 tanks T-64 and into the city, Dmytro Tymchuk wrote on Facebook.

Ukrainian media have recently reported that Donbas terrorists are using portable air defense systems Igla (Needle) which belong to Russian military bases. On June 6, after terrorists’ attack on checkpoint Marinivka (Donetsk region), Ukrainian soldiers found packing cases and packing lists proving that these defense systems had been kept in Military Unit No 3359 (the city of Yeysk, Krasnodar territory) since 2001. On April 12, 2014 the weapons were still in the unit’s stock: the list bears a mark of their latest check. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded explanations, but the Russian Federation keeps silence.

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