Self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic rejects Poroshenko’s call to put arms down

‘We are not going to lay arms down. [This call was] another tactical ruse of Kyiv,’ Miroslav Rudenko, a representative of the Donetsk People’s Republic, stated.

‘Why should we put arms down? We don’t trust Poroshenko: after he had announced a peaceful settlement of the conflict the cities of Kramators and Sloviansk were attacked by fire,’ Mr Rudenko told news agency Interfax.

‘If people fall for Kyiv’s ruses another mopping-up operation will start. We won’t lay arms down,’ he stressed.

It is to be recalled that Petro Poroshenko ordered to temporarily cease fire in eastern Ukraine. to give members of illegal armed units a chance to disarm themselves and Russian mercenaries wishing to leave the country to do so. Then Ukrainian law enforcement units are expected to encircle the city of Sloviansk to liquidate the armed opposition and regain full control over the state border in eastern regions.

Semyon Semenchenko, battalion ‘Donbas’ commander, blasts the President’s idea.

‘Nonsense. No ‘ceasefires’ are needed to take the bodies of paratroopers out of Luhansk, one military column is enough. I am ready to do it myself. Why are the terrorists being dragged by the ears to the status of ‘a party at war’?!’ he said on Facebook.

On Tuesday published an interview with a military intelligence lieutenant colonel who suspects Ukraine’s army commanders of treason. ‘We go on the scout but run into ambush! Who is doing this [spilling information to enemies], I don’t know. We are being sold at a cheap rate. A task is set before us, we perform it, but lose our people. We don’t know why they wait in ambush at that very place,’ he said turning his back towards the camera.

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