Eastern Ukraine: Two Russian journalists killed in Luhansk

Being at pro-Russian militants’ checkpoint a filming crew of the Russian Nationwide Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) has come under mortar fire.

A mine tore into the group of people, witnesses say. Sound producer Anton Voloshin died at the scene; journalist Igor Kornelyuk was badly wounded. RIA Novosti and Itar-TASS quoted the chief physician of a hospital in Luhansk saying that Igor Kornelyuk had died during surgery.

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Viktor Denisov, a cameraman Lifenews TV channel, witnessed the incident . Denisov was not immediately next to Kornelyuk at the moment when he was wounded.

According to taxi driver Vladimir Yelfimov who had given a lift to the journalists, they were trying to persuade the militants to let them to the action area near the village of Metallist when a mine blast.


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