Russian, Ukrainian or EU secret services: Who intercept Belarus President’s phone talks?

On Sunday media reported that Aliaksandr Lukashenka had had a telephone conversation with the youngest son of the ousted Ukrainian leader and assured he would welcome the Yanukovich family in Belarus. But a bit later it became known that the telephone call had been made by a man impersonating Viktor Yanukovych Jr …

Pretending to be Viktor Yanukovych Jr, he inquired whether the former Ukrainian leader could move to Belarus ‘for some period if it is necessary’. Replying to the question, a man with a voice very similar to Mr Lukashenka’s said that Mr Yanukovych was welcome in Belarus ‘at any time’.

Vovan 222, a well-known Russian prankster, says that it is the secret services that put the recording of his telephone talk on the Internet. ‘The quality of the recording is excellent, better than mine. What is the most is that the recording started before the moment I picked up the phone,’ Vovan222 wrote in Russian social media Vkontakte.

{movie}Prankster Vovan 222 talks to Belarusian President Lukashenka (in Russian)|right|17017{/movie}

The recording of this hoax telephone call appeared on the Internet Monday morning; according to Vovan222, he talked to Mr Lukashenka on Saturday, June, 14. ‘I decided to keep the story because I hoped I would have another talk to him in some days,’ Vovan222 says.

According to the prankster, secret services eavesdrop on the Belarusian President. They handed over the recording to the Ukrainian authorities that failed to smell a rat and let journalist Nayyem publish this ‘front page story’, Vovan222 stresses. The prankster believes that the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) or western secret services are behind the scenes and states that they did mistake him for Mr Yanukovych Jr.

Viktor Yanukovych’s son confirmed on Monday that he had not called Aliaksandr Lukashenka to discuss the possibility of the former Ukrainian president moving to Belarus. Lukashenka’s press service declined to comment the story.

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