Minsk bloggers turn their back on rebellious Donbas

Action ‘Minsk Natives – to Donbas’ launched by Livejournal community minsk_by has ended with failure. Belarusian bloggers refuse to get involved in humanitarian collection and have good reason for fear that the supply will not find their addressees…

LJ user thorindwarf called on the community members to take part in the action and collect clothes, medicines and food for people of Donbas and Ukrainian refugees who came to Russia. The organisers said Russian movement ‘Brotherly Help’ based on Rostov-on-Donwould assist in handing over the supplies collected to the people in need. That was the fact that got bloggers’ attention: Minsk residents cannot rule out the possibility of misappropriating.

Moreover, some suggest that the humanitarian aid collected in Minsk will fall into hands of pro-Russian militants. ‘Do you really need underwear, socks, canned food? Maybe we should supply you with night sights or portable air defence systems?’ a blogger said.


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