Separatist Donetsk People’s Republic to form tank troops (video)

Separatists are seeking people who can drive tanks and fly aircraft, has announced.

According to the website, its creators ‘assist in Ukrainian and Russian peoples’ fight against Ukraine’s occupation authorities’. They ‘don’t call for separatism and violence’ but ‘their aim is a victory, i.e. putting an end to the war in the territory of the former Ukraine’.

Moreover, Donetsk People’s Republic is in urgent need of grenadiers, InfoResist reports.

{movie}A Russian column in Donetsk.|right|16922{/movie}

The residents of Donetsk often see trucks transporting Russian-made anti-aircraft guns and other military equipment on the way to the city.

{movie}A Russian column in Horlivka.|right|16923{/movie}

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