20 days in loony bin: Vitsebsk officials get their revenge

A man from Vitsebsk once wrote a complaint about diabetes drugs produced in Belarus and received a course of compulsory psychiatric treatment. He would not show his face through the bullying he experienced in the hospital.

Stanislau spent 20 days in the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Center of Psychiatry and Addiction, which he calls a branch of the concentration camp. The treatment there may include bullying and beating, as well as huge doses of Hardol and Chloractil.

“When someone starts to complain, they are simply tied to the bed and even beaten!”.

Our man became witness to a conversation in which people complained that they were suffocating from the drugs overdose. “Everything is geared towards smearing the person,” said the man from the story of Hanna Badzyaka.

Stanislau first learned that he had diabetes at a medical examination organized for the so-called “liquidators”. Like thousands of other reserve officers, he saved Belarusians from the aftermath of the Charnobyl explosion. For a long time, Stanislau had his diagnosis under question and had not been treated at all.

It was by chance that he once found himself in the endocrinology department of the regional hospital, where he needed some German medicine, but he had no money. The liquidator began receiving Belarusian substitutes. They caused an acute allergic reaction in his body.

In desperation, Stanislau wrote a complaint to Professor Alyaksandr Kasinets, who at the time was the chief of the Presidential Administration of Belarus. A few days later the former liquidator was pulled out of the apartment when he was taking a shower, and was taken to the special hospital…

“If this is the healthcare system for the people, then I do not understand something in this life,” said Stanislau.

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