Russian fans’ march in Minsk: imperial designs or paying respects? (video)

This year Minsk residents are likely to witness not only a traditional Victory Day parade: Russian fans who come to see the Ice Hockey World Championship, have announced their intention to hold the Russian march in the Belarusian capital. The Minsk authorities and Russia’s embassy to Belarus are negotiating the opportunities of organizing the procession. What do Minsk residents think of it?

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‘If this event doesn’t shatter the calm of citizens, let them have it.’

‘Their imperial ambitions are no good’

‘Will they come by tanks or armoured vehicles? You should find out all the nuances!’

‘I am set against it; they will be disturbing us.’

‘If they are just shouting for their team, why not?’

‘There is nothing illegal in their intention.’

‘I am not against. Welcome to Belarus!’

‘Russian fans are notorious for the way they celebrate anything, just remember recent events in Poland. That’s why I take a dim view of it.’

Two years ago, during the Euro-2012, thousands of Russian fans were marching along the streets of Warsaw, which resulted in fights, clashes and arrests of both ‘hosts’ and guests. Two Russian citizens were sentenced to several months in custody, other two got probation.

On May, 9 veterans are expected to be driven by cars along Independence Avenue as part of a Victory Day parade in Minsk.

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