‘Anti-Russian statements’: Iconic Belarusian rock group to be in Russia’s black books? (video)

Musical group Lyapis Trubetskoy forbidden in Belarus might be prohibited in Russia as well: Roman Khudyakov, a leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General because of the band’s ‘anti-Russian’ statements and coarse language’. The politician also asks to declare frontman Siarhei Mikhalok persona non grata in Russia.

According to Russian media, Mr Mikhalok insulted a fan in Russia’s town of Izhevsk. But Lyapis Trubetskoy’s producer rebuted the information saying that the incident happened in Germany, not in Izhevsk: a group of provocateurs were showing obscene gestures to the musicians.

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In his address Siarhei Mikhalok states that it was not him who abused someone during the concert: aggressive youngsters were insulting the group and taunting other people into fight.

SIARHEI MIKHALOK, Lyapis Trubetskoy frontman:

‘They were irresponsible to festival organisers’polite remarks. Moreover, they were just becoming wilder. Defending honour and dignity of my fans, my musicians, my own honour and dignity I answered the hooligan in the language which he understands.’

It is not the first time when Russian politicians have called to blacklist the band that performed on Maidan. Last month their concerts were cancelled in Tyumen and Pskov. The prominent band has recently announced their dropping out of concert activity from September 1, 2014 on.

Hanna Liubakova, In Focus


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