Lukashenka’s address to nation: Belarus will protect its sovereignty (video)

Belarus will fight against invaders, no matter from where they come – West or East. Earlier one could hear such words at opposition rallies; Aliaksandr Lukashenka voiced them in his traditional address to the nation and parliament.

The beginning of his speech was rather alarming: the times are challenging, neighbouring countries are rocking, there is the smell of explosion smokes in Europe.


‘Ukraine is in a bustle, Russia is trying to emerge full blown. In our full view old borders are being disestablished’

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The President must have completely forgotten that earlier he shared the opinion that independence also had its price and could be sold.


‘By all means should we defend our main value – our independence, our sacred right to live here and be our own masters.’

The head of state made no disguise of his concern over Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Lukashenka reiterated that Minsk was Moscow’s ally but at the same time, he recognised legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities, warned against federalisation of Ukraine and reproached Kyiv with its inaction in Crimea.


‘If at least one foreigner wearing combat boots sets foot in Belarus, we will fight for every inch, no matter who comes here.’

According to the President, nobody should accusing authorities of ‘discriminating’ Russians. ‘I reply to some people that if Putin came here, it’s unknown on whose side the Russians would fight,” he said. “And I know the answer!’ he said.


‘But to rebuke us of not respecting the Russian language or demeaning it is akin to a crime. That’s why I ordered the Committee for State Security [KGB] to treat such people as saboteurs.’

There are no problems with the Russian language in Belarus, but without Belarusian we are no nation, the President believes. These words were apparently addressed to the moderate part of the Belarusian opposition, but at the same time those who call for holding ‘Maidans’ and ‘Ploshchas’ will be severely punished, Lukashenka warned.


‘The government is ready for a manageable, gradual and feasible evolution. However, we reject revolutions. I am against destroying things completely. Anyone who calls for a revolt is an enemy not only to the government and the President. They are an enemy to our country, our people.’

Lukashenka promised there would not be any ‘avalanching devaluation’. But the Belarusian rubel might well go down by 5-6% by the end of the year.


‘If we see it is necessary, if we see that we do not have gold and foreign currency reserves or they go beyond the critical level, we will proceed with devaluation, calmly.’

In addition, the President gave some nutrition advice as well.


‘Why on earth you eat meat and potatoes?! You’d better eat it with herring, fish … One should eat food made in Belarus, under no circumstances should you eat imported food! It is not for our organisms.’

Belarusians’ diet attracted his attention as expenses on the country’s health service are high, he said. Lukashenka also announced the gradual transition to the paid health services, including medical insurance. Of course, on the voluntary basis.

Martsin Yarski, In Focus

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