Ukraine’s Prime Minister: Only God knows what Putin has in mind (video)

In his interview to TV channel NBC Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated his opinion on Russia’s president hard-driving ambitions and plans.

{movie}Yatsenyk: Putin trying to restore the USSR.|right|16010{/movie}

‘President Putin has a dream to restore the Soviet Union and every day he goes further and further, and God knows where is the final destination. And I believe that you do remember his speech, his famous Munich speech saying that the biggest disaster of the former century is the collapse of the Soviet Union. I consider that the biggest disaster of this century would be the restoring of the Soviet Union under the auspice of president Putin. We got the information that these so-called peaceful protesters sent the number of bulletings saying that everyone who is a Jew to be indicated as a Jew. Today in the morning I’ve made a clear statement and urged Ukrainian military and security forces, and Ukrainian department of homeland security urgently to find these b*****ds and to to bring them to justice,’ Mr Yatsenyuk said.

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