Military machines under Russian colours in eastern Ukraine (video)

Some ten armoured vehicles under Russian flags have entered the town of Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). They were being driven by the representatives of Afghan war ex-servicemen organisation ‘Nobody but us’, reports.

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Moreover, Kramatorsk separatists allegedly backed by Russian mercenaries have seized 6 armoured infantry vehicles which were expected to participate in the counter-terrorist operation, Ukrainian media report.

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Firstly pro-Russian activists surrounded the vehicles and prevented them from further moving.

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Then armed people in camouflage disarmed the soldiers and drove the vehicles away.

In Sloviansk there are tanks and an armoured vehicle under Russian flags.

{movie}Under Russian flag: Tank doing show-tricks|right|15933{/movie}

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) disclosed another recording of the talks between Russian diversionists about blocking Ukrainian military units and seizing police offices. One of the, allegedly Igor Strelkov from Russia, says his conversation partner should not make bones of Ukrainian soldiers but shoot to kill if necessary. His conversation partner detained Ukrainian soldiers who refused to surrender. ‘Disarm them, lay them face down and tell them there is no Crimea! No f**king need to make bones of these f****ts!’ Mr Strelkov ordered.

As it was reported before SBU identified Igor Strelkov as the leader of the paramilitary group that has taken control of the eastern city of Sloviansk. Strelkov is a commanding officer of a Russian military intelligence unit.

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