Pro-Russian protester and Maidan mercenary in one skin: Russian propaganda makes epic blooper (video)

In its report Russia’s television channel NTV showed a man and stated he was a citizen of Germany and a ‘Euromaidan’s mercenary’. According to the journalists, some days ago this man, Andrey Petkov, who left Ukraine in1992, was wounded in the town of Mykolaiv. The resident of Germany had 500,000 euro for Euromaidan and was resposible for training the group of 50 so that they could participate in actions of violence, NTV said.

Meanwhile, TV channel Rossiya reported the story of the same man, Andrey Petkov, but presented him as … ‘a victim of radicals’ who had brain concussion, burns and a fracture. On April 7, Mr Petkov was taking part in a peaceful action in Mykolaiv expressing his protest against the new authorities, but radicals ‘touched off a real massacre’, Rossiya stressed.

It is noteworthy that Russian propagandists did not even have the trouble to change the name of the pro-Russian ‘EuroMaidan protesters’. Russian TV channels are notorious for hiring actors or even come-and-go people to film fake news stories and reports.

Andrey Kozyrev, a Russian writer and activist, noticed the blooper and uploaded a video to Youtube:

{movie}Russian propaganda makes epic blooper.|right|15834{/movie}

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