Lukashenka: West has exhausted reserves to pressurize Belarus

“Fortunately, political experts in the West are realizing, although belatedly, that they have exhausted their reserves to pressurize Belarus. We can hear calls to work out new approaches and positions,” Belarusian President Aliaksandr Lukashenka said at a session of the Security Council on April, 8.

Speaking about the forthcoming ice hockey world championship, Aliaksandr Lukashenka noted that this kind of competitions has always had a political subtext.

“We should not forget that there are a lot of speculations over this championship, starting from the calls of our opposition, the so-called fifth column, to boycott the competition, up to the attempts of foreign ill-wishers to blackmail us,” state-owned news agency BelTA quotes Mr Lukashenka as saying.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka emphasized that despite the tough pressure on the part of individual European organizations and politicians, the International Ice Hockey Federation and Rene Fasel personally did not back down, did not compromise their values. “It takes courage. It is not that easy to withstand such a pressure when you live in the West,” the president said.

Opening the session of the Security Council, Aliaksandr Lukashenka remarked that they were going to discuss the readiness to host the ice hockey world championship and the lessons and tasks originating from the current situation, primarily in view of the Ukrainian events. “I would like to say right away: we are not afraid of anything. I don’t see any fear in the eyes and faces of the Security Council members,” said the president. “These are planned matters. As far as Ukraine is concerned, we should discuss the developments. We have already talked about it and I have emphasized that only fools can fail to make conclusions from the events going on around us”.

The ice hockey world championship that will take place in Minsk in May 2014 should be secure without inconveniencing the guests, Mr Lukashenka stressed.

“As the organizers we must secure the safety of participants and guests. We cannot let any provocations happen. At the same time the security measures must be unobtrusive. They should not create pressure on participants and guests of the championship as well as reporters,” he said., via

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