Violence escalation in Kyiv: Riot police advancing on EuroMaidan (live)

Internal troops, militia and riot police are making their way to the barricades. Protesters are throwing fireworks; Berkut soldiers are hurling stun and sound grenades in response.

Launching their raid at 9 pm policemen deployed water cannons and armoured personal carriers. Protesters set fire to barricades made of tyres. Police announced that an anti-terrorist operation would start on Maidan soon. Some barricades burnt. Protesters threw Molotov cocktails at a water cannon. At 21:45 the raid stopped. Oppositioniss urged police to recede and agree on armistice.

At 10 pm the raid was restarted: cannons are throwing water on people, policemen are spraying teargas. Another activist was killed during the raid, reports.

Traffic to Kyiv will be restricted starting midnight to prevent the escalation of mass unrest in the city, the Ukrainian government press service says. Thus, Kyiv will be turned into a closed city.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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