Zbigniew Romaszewski dies

The prominent conservative politician and activist of Polish trade Union Solidarity passed away at the age of 74. Being a supporter of democratic change in Belarus, Zbigniew Romaszewski welcomed the establishment of Belsat TV.

In the 70s Zbigniew Romaszewski protected victims of the Polish communist regime in the Workers’ Defence Committee. In the 80s he became a member of Solidarity’s ruling bodies. During martial law the outstanding physicist, organised undeground Radio Solidarity but had to spend two years behind bars. In independent Poland he was elected to the parliament.

Zbigniew Romaszewski advocated for democratic change in Belarus and repeatedly expressed his support for the country’s democratic opposition. Belsat TV, the first independent station in Belarus, arose due to his help as well. After the brutal crackdown on the post-election peaceful protests in 2010, when the opposition leaders and hundreds of activists were arrested, the Polish politician, then Deputy Speaker of the Senate, called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately stop repressions. Addressing to the Belarusians, he suggested they should take the future into their own hands.

In January, 2014, shortly before the death, Zbigniew Romaszewski arrived in Kharkiv to participate in the Forum of Euromaidan and back Ukraine’s aspirations for democracy.

Belsat TV staff express our deepest condolences to Zofia Romaszewska and Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy.


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