Babruysk: Blogger facing jail term for posting film on web

Aleh Zhaunou is suspected of insulting a policeman: the videos harms his reputation, the offended party claims.

In October, 2013 Yauhen Serashtanau, a traffic police officer, reported about audio recordings and videos posted by an unknown person, supposedly Mr Zhaunou, on the Internet in 2012 and 2013 to the police claiming that the materials insulted and slandered him. A criminal case against Mr Zhaunou was initiated on February 7, 2014

‘This criminal case is an act of retaliation of those in power. In my opinion, we have a amall Chicago here [in Babruysk], and law enforcement bodieas are meddling in affairs. They are persecuting a law-abiding person who points at their flaws and seeks to ensure that police act in compliance with the president’s edicts and decrees They should obey the letter of law and serve the people, not their own parochial interests,’ Mr Zhaunou says.

{movie}Do they really serve the people?! Video by Aleh Zhaunou.|right|14732{/movie}

‘They tried to surpress me, but in vain. Now, to get me, they are hunting for my family,’ he stresses.


In September, 2013 Mr Zhaunou and his son Aliaksey were arrested and fined after taking pictures of a police vehicle parked on a sidewalk in violation of traffic rules in Babruysk. Aleh Zhaunou was charged with disobedience to police, Aliaksey is facing a criminal charge of using or threatening to use violence against a police officer over the incident. The both were fined.

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