Belsat TV solidary with Russian TV channel Dozhd

Belsat TV expresses our solidarity with the journalists working for Dozhd (Rain), a Russian TV channel, who have currently been politically persecuted in their home country. We believe that for its four-year history Dozhd, ‘the Optimistic Channel’, has made a weighty contribution to the media freedom in the Russian Federation; ten million subscribers being ample evidence of it. In 2011 Dozhd got TEFI, an annual award presented by the Russian Academy of Television.

Their journalistic professionalism and interactivity in cooperation with its audience would become a perfect model for any domestic and foreign channel. Now this successful project, pressurized by the Russian authorities, is facing the axe. We, Belsat TV journalists, have a grip of the situation like no one else: over six years we have been broadcasting from abroad due to the Belarusian regime’s tough stand towards independent journalism.

That is why we call on Russia’s authorities to stop persecuting Dozhd TV channel and ensure observance of the legislated freedom of expression and information for both Dozhd journalists and Russia citizens given that they don’t infract the Constitution. The freedom of expression is a priceless tool granting the opportunity to discuss the issues of significant importance to the country and community. But for it no democratic society could evolve.

Belsat TV Director and staff

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