Solidarity. ‘Maidan, we are with you!’ (photos)

Belarusians lit candles as a tribute to the memory of the killed in Ukraine.

Minsk residents brought flowers and lampions to the statue of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko not far from Ukraine’s embassy building. A leaflet ‘For our and you freedom!’ was left near the statue.

Brest residents laid flowers to the stutue of Kobzar in Shevchenko boulevard and stuck placards ‘Maidan, we are with you!’, ‘Glory to Ukraine. Glore to heroes!’. One can see a small flag of Ukraine in a balcony in Brest.

On her Facebook Hrodna resident Volha Krapotsina called on all the indifferent people to express sympathy and solidarity with the fraternal people near the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine. She came to pray for the souls of three men killed.

‘I saw Minsk activists gathering and decided to encourage Hrodna residents to do the same. Such terrible events do not happen every day. My heart is bleeding,’ the girl said.

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