Yanukovych vs opposition: secret understanding?

Yesterday, after the talks with the President, opposition leaders decided against making any loud statements seeking to head off any threats of escalation. At that, Viktor Yanykovych also benefits from negotiating with ‘the parliamentary opposition’.

‘These people are part of the system, which Maidan sharply criticizes them for. This is the same part of the system, but their rhetoric bears a slight difference, it is more liberal and pro-European. Speaking with them is in Yanykovich’s interest, because these leaders’ stillborn decisions bring discredit first upon themselves,’ Alena Babakova, a journalist of Polish Radio, says. ‘Klitschko, Tsiagnibok, Yatsenyuk also would like the situation to yield some dividends. Yes, they represent the people and Maidan but first and foremost they represent themselves as candidates for the 2015 presidential elections,’ she stressed.

There is a kind of secret treaty between them, the expert believes: opposition tries to keep protests in the course of peace while the authorities refuse to act violently. And when on Sunday radicals left Maidan for Hrushevskego the both sides were unpleasantly surprised, Ms Babakova suggests.


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