Sinister prospects: Tanks heading for Kyiv? (video)

Ukrainian activists filmed loading tanks onto flat waggons in the city of Chernigov. Policemen tried to bar them from filming ‘because of Maidan’. The tanks are rumoured to be transported to Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has rebuted the information saying that a routine movement of excess defense articles.

{movie}Guards forbid filming tanks on flat waggons in Chernigov (English subs)|right|14411{/movie}

President Yanukovych is able to bring tanks into the capital, activist Bogdana Babich believes. ‘His past is well-known – he is accustomed to fight. That is why it is possible. In my opinion, he will go any lengths otherwise he loses everytning. Thus, he will stifle [protests] as much as he can’.

However, the more Ukrainians are pressed the more united they become, Ms Babich stressed.

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