Animal oracle getting ready for 2014 IIHC (video)

The crab named Petrovich that is to predict the results of the 2014 International Ice Hockey Championship has been replaced to another aquarium of the oceanography centre in Minsk. This honour commitment was conducted by Vice Ministers.

The Kamchatka crab is the world’s biggest crustacean that lives in the northern regions of the Far East. This species has a leg span of up to 2 meters and can reach 7 kilos in weight. Petrovich weighs 3.5kilos.

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(English subs)

The crab’s receiving room was decorated with thematic exhibits telling about the history of the explorations in the Arctic regions and Antarctica, in particular about legendary North explorers of the Belarusian descent – Otto Schmidt, the Laptev brothers and others.

‘At the end of October crab was caught off the coast of Norway and brought to Murmansk by ship, then to Moscow by plane and finally transported to Belarus in a special container filled with ice. Why Petrovich? Polar explorers and submariners thought of such a name. ‘Petras’ means ‘stone in Greek,’ Aliaksei Azarau, Director of the Centre, said.

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