Seriously ill boy: ‘I can help other people’

Action ‘The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’ (Wielka orkiestra świątecznej pomocy) which took place throughout Poland collected $11.5 mln. Schoolchildren, students, firemen, servicemen and all indifferent people were participating in the action.

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Yesterday in the streets of Polish cities and towns there were hundreds of volunteers carrying special boxes in which passers-by could put their donations. Everyone who donated money was given a heart-type sticker. On the average, one in two Poles takes part in the action.

As a result, about $11.5 mln will be delivered to children hospitals and senior centres.

‘I am very glad and happy that I am able to walk again,’ Lukash, a ten-year-old boy, told TV channel He is seriously ill but has always dreamt of becoming a volunteer of the Great Orchestra. ‘I am beyond recovery, but I can help other people,’ he said.

The tradition was set up in 1993; famous artists, musicians, journalists and politicians are often engaged in the events.

For example, this year Polish prime Minister Donald Tusk has set an Arsenal player’s T-shirt presented to him by David Cameron for an auction. All the funds raised will be directed to the bank of the Orchestra.

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