Car tax included in 2014 budget

Another step has been made on the way to imposing a new tax on motor vehicle owners. The new taxation scheme approved by MPs two weeks ago has been budgeted for 2014. But the appropriate law has not been signed by the President yet.

The annual tax is to be collected from all owners of motor vehicles, including both legal entities and private individuals, the emergency management ministry, first-aid institutions and public transport operators to be eligible for concessions or exemptions.

The tax would range from three to 25 times the Base Rate (currently 130,000 rubels or $14) depending on the weight and type of the vehicle and on whether the owner is a private individual or a legal entity.

The new tax has caused a massive public outcry: 80,000 signatures against it have been collected within several days. Two protest actions were held in the streets of some Belarusian cities. Although turnout was not good, the authorities responsed harshly: a number of participants were arrested and fined.

In spite of repressions, there are calls to organise one more protest action.

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