Hugh Grant: Stay strong!

The British star expressed his support for the Belarusians. Mikalai Khalezin, a Belarusian journalist and director of the Belarus Free theatre, uploaded the renowned actor’s video address to Youtube.

{movie}Hugh Grant: Long live Belarus! Video by Mikalai Khalezin.|right|13860{/movie}

‘I just wanted to express my support and the support of the acting community in London, in Britain, and in fact, I think, of the whole British people for the work of the Belarus Free Theatre, of all very brave people taking a stand against Lukashenka,effectively the last dictatorship in Europe. We are all behind you, we feel great solidarity with you, especially at this time of year. Today is December the 18th, and I know that December the 19th is a highly significant day in terms of the history of Belarus <…> . So, anyway the British are behind you, all those people who have made a brave stand, who might now be imprisoned or detained, you know. Stay strong and remember that you have many, many friends in this country including myself. Zhyvie Belarus [Long live Belarus]!’

Hugh Grant has repeatedly expressed solidarity with Belarusian civil society. In the summer of 2013 the actor had a meeting with Andrey Sannikau, former ex-presidential candidate and political prisoner, and asked the politician to send words of support to prisoners of conscience.

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