EuroMaidan springs surprise on Belarusian activist

The country should know who its heroes are: a helmet bearing this inscription has been sent to Belarusian activist Ilya Dabratvor.

Ilya Dabratvor was sentenced to a fine of 1,040,000 rubels ($110) for taking part in an unsanctioned demonstration in support of pro-European protesters in front of Ukraine’s embassy on November 30, 2013.

‘I received this helmet and believe it to be of service to me here in the near future,’ Mr Dabratvor says.

The Belarusians should not ignore current developments in Ukraine remembering tragic crackdowns on peaceful protests in Minsk, Ilya Dabratvor thinks. By his brave act the activist supported Ukrainian protesters’ aspirations for freedom. On December, 4 the representatives of movement Together! handed over a letter of protest to Russia’s embassy to Belarus to express their over the country’s policy towards Ukraine.

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