Ruslana: ‘Watch Belsat!’

Ruslana Lyzhychko, a famous Ukrainian singer and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, who has become a living legend of Kyiv’s EuroMaidan, appeals to the Belarusians via Belsat TV.

The Ukrainian took to the streets to defend themselves because they scented danger from the authorities, she says. According to the singer, both the Belarusians and the Ukrainians should realize that every power has danger inside which can turn a president elected by people into a criminal at any moment.

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‘A complicated political game is in progress. Belarus and Ukraine must know that at all times we have been engaged in a political game. They want to manipulate our countries. I would like to address to my brothers in Belarus and ask them not to let anybody to harm Belarus, i.e. sell, manipulate or wind the country around a finger. Take power into your own hands and rule the nation yourselves!’ Ruslana calls.

It is the solidarity when crowds of people are standing shoulder to shoulder at Maidan that ensures success, Ruslana says.

‘Belsat, you are doing a great thing. You are fair and conscientious, which will lead you to gaining a wide viewership. As nowadays people are seeking truth they appeal to mass media that give truthful information. You are here, at Maidan, which means that you are for real. I call everybody to watch Belsat, because it is them who will tell you the truth. Glory to you and glory Belarus!’

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