Street performance ends up in mental examination

Ales Charkashyn, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, was put to mental hospital, which might ell have been the KGB’s provocative act, his friend believes.

On December, 15 Mr Charkashyn held a performance on the steps of Brest region executive committee: he had poured red dye over his hands and tied them with a chain.

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The activist addressed to the nation, Belarus’s authorities and God: ‘Collapse, unemployment, international conflicts, discontent, hunger are reserved for Belarus. Unless each repents in the inmost recesses of their hearts Belarusian blood will be shed and all the prisons will be packed’.

The action lasted only ten minutes; later policemen detained Mr Charkashyn, took him to Leninski district directorate of interior and sent him to psychoneurologic hospital.

It may take some days to examine him, then a record will be drawn up, his friend Zmitser Shurkhay, says.

‘I think it to be a sort of a provocation of the KGB [State Security Committee] aiming at Ales’ discrediting, I know him as an absolutely sane person. The action was a bit nontrivial, it is a performance, fitting into an image, but it is not the right thing to afford ground for him being examined in mental hospital,’ Mr Shurkhai stresses.

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