Activist fined for expressing support for Euro-Maidan

Ilya Dabratvor was sentenced to a fine of 1,040,000 rubels ($110) for taking part in an unsanctioned demonstration in support of pro-European protesters in Ukraine.

Mr Dabratvor was among several people who gathered in front of Ukraine’s embassy on November 30, holding Ukrainian and EU flags and Belarus’ white-red-white flag.

It is to be recalled that the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine was to have been signed on November, 29 but the Ukrainian government put an end to all the preparations, which triggered mass protests in the country: on November, 21 hundreds of thousands occupied a central square in Kyiv, expressing their outrage against President Yanukovych’s decision .

The protests have an anti-Russian component because aiming at derailing the EU deal Russia threatened with trade retaliation against Ukraine., following BelaPAN

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