Spot report: Kyiv protesters in wait for crackdown (photos)

The situation in the capital of Ukraine is running high: hundreds of riot policemen have surrounded Kyiv City Council besieged by the protesters. Maidan has also been cordoned, Ukrainian journalists post on Facebook. A storm is highly likely to be carried out today, opposition leaders say.

Protesters turned the building of the city council into ‘Headquarters of Revolution’; at the moment there are over 300 persons inside. The people are getting ready to repulse an assault wrapping their legs in newspapers. Some are making masks to protect themselves from tear gas. Medical workers have collected first-aid equipment and pharmaceuticals.

There must be a lot of ex-servicemen among the defenders, which could be seen by their turnout, Belsat’s journalist Zmitser Yahorau reports live. A special service is coordinating all the actions and providing security at the entrance, he says.

People are bringing food to the headquarters; there is every likelihood that it will remain under protesters’ tighten security. The besieged are going to defend themselves in every way possible, even by slobbering oil over the stairs and pouring water on assaults groups.

(to be updated)

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